by Cree Sullivan

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Whirring is an exhilarating jog through a field of synthesizers. With emphasis on inhuman break-beats, elaborate bass riffs, and heavily layered vocals, Whirring leads its electronic and human elements to a common ground where they can blend into one organic and totally radical composite.


released August 19, 2014



all rights reserved


Cree Sullivan Urbana, Illinois

Alt rock with a lemon zest. Get into it.

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Track Name: Extraordinary Heat and Pressure
I was in the magma flowing
Under all the ash and soil,
We floated up the land and kept things
Loose enough to move a little bit.

I was crushed into a diamond then,
Cooling off for some a thousand years,
To the finger of a woman who had
Just enough to bargain with.

And it wears me out, yeah
But I feel alright.
And I can't get out, yeah,
But I'll keep up the fight.
And it freaks me out, yeah,
But I'm feeling fine.
'Cus wearier people have done more than me,
So when everything's changing, I won't be.

I eroded into sand and dust,
Made tornadoes in a willing wind,
But got spread out in all directions
Leaving bits of me on everything,

I was drawn up with the atmosphere
When time had come for Earth to feed its Queen:
Getting sucked into a string with all the
Other rock I used to be.
Track Name: It's Alive
Stitch another wing onto its back,
I hope it knows how to fly,
Open up its guts, toss a couple stomachs in
And close her up.

I got a feeling this'll have
A better chance than the last one,
Gimme all the scraps, even though you
Know how I hate underdogs,
'Cus I don't want to see this go to waste.

Maybe didn't count on someone else
To kiss your bruises away,
Now you're on your own, working on contortion,
It's not going well.

I saw you in the corner of my eye,
Bending backwards and panting,
Wouldn't it be nice, if only you could snip a wire
And fix yourself?
'Cus sometimes people need a change of pace.
And baby, I know just what needs replacement
If you give me a minute.

It's alive!

Everybody wants what they can't have,
It makes you fidget and itch,
How to keep your cool, living in a
Corner of a bigger room.

And you don't even know where you belong,
But I can help you with this,
Come and fall asleep, and you won't even
Recognize yourself.

Step from rock to rock so cautious,
Lead your lively love across this
Undertowing flow with all these
Bubbles from the bottom,
So you step from rock to rock with both your
Eyes fixed on your feet.
But he's gone like the other ones.
Track Name: Red Alert
The hand of God is known to provide for all it's made,
And to test those suckers out.
But the common curses heard quite daily on the streets,
Come from common peoples' mouths.
And I can't claim that the source will do much to ease my nerves,
When a crocodile's about.
'Cus now and then I'm faced with a ghastly non-ideal,
And I can't contain my zeal:

Red alert, let's desert,
Dive head-first into the cotton,
Push the pain, and the malaise to another day.
Maybe I in different times
Would have required some more convincing,
But now I'm by your side,
Who cares what's wrong or right?

How many times must I be forced to defend myself
From the toxins in this sting?
Or see the safe I used to put all my favorites in
Filled up with old and broken things?
'Cus now and then there's a ghost with its back against my back
That I can't persuade to leave,
In times like these when I'm finally resigned to face the day,
I'm a million miles away.

How many times must I be forced to defend myself
From a laser shot from space?
'Cus now and then all the words that I built myself around
Seem to change the way they sound.

I got a lot on my mind.
Track Name: Bottle
Down in the forest by the weeds and the lizards
There's a crude glassy bottle with its cap screwed on.
Down in the bottle on a new leather sofa
There's a genie been anxious for the most of 80 years,
And he says: "Hey, wait, I'm a bored little demon"
So he magics up some sheets to have a nap.

Open the bottle there's some lights and a man inside:
"I can grant you any wish you want."
"Nah man, I'm good, I got much more than I should,
And what I've heard, these transactions often end up going south."
And he's like: "Hey, wait, what's the fun in a decline?
I got loads of useful tricks here up my sleeve:

Cure each known disease,
Ever-lasting peace,
Bring back your deceased."

"I do appreciate the sell, and what a way to go to hell,
A designer way to off yourself,
But I'm not buying your
Jive today, though all most people get to say:
'I wish to have a wish to waste,'
I just can't enter that desperate place."

Half hour later walking home from the forest,
I look down and my legs are caught in thick quicksand.
Up rolls the bottle and out pops the genie with a
Rope 'round his shoulder and a smile on his face,
He's saying: "Hey, wait, did you rethink my offer?
Because all I want to do is help you out.

You're sinking deeper now,
The words don't need be loud.
Form them with your mouth."

"I do appreciate the sell, and what a way to go to hell,
A designer way to off yourself,
But I'm not buying your
Jive this time, though I'm in a bit of a bind,
I know enough to stay alive,
And keep my head up 'till help arrives."
Track Name: It's Probably Best to Stay Indoors
I don't wanna lose anyone, so when we're outside,
Go ahead and assume everyone's hiding hungry knives.

I don't wanna lose anyone, so when we're outside,
Go ahead and assume that no-one else is on your side.
Track Name: Friendly Competition
There are only so many,
There is only so much,
And we all get whatever we
Are the first to touch.

I have only five fingers
At the end of each arm,
So I can't hold more than you can.

Trust me, I don't mean no harm.
Track Name: Velocity
The countless rows of plants he chose to be what grows,
For someone else that's not himself,
For someone else who wants to be.

To break this box: remove my socks and foot these locks,
'Cus we don't turn the mother Earth,
But we get her velocity.

I can understand it gives you pause,
It seems we violated every clause.
But every social contract has its flaws.
In just a couple years, we'll change the laws.

Rubber bands, elastic strands that fill my hands
Have got more life and more foresight than
Half your wife and all of you.

Yes I could resort to good, maybe I should,
But what a sham, for who I am,
I know I'm damned so let me loose.

Down the hatch you go, so I'm not alone,
'Cus I can't shout this loud enough to hear over the roller coaster.
Down the hatch you go, so I'm not alone,
'Cus I can't shake this ground enough to feel over the roller coaster.

And I can understand it makes you cringe
To watch your maze of bolted doors unhinge.
Though I've been doing fine out on the fringe,
It seems we're getting closer every binge.
Track Name: Canteen
Two or three now find it hard,
To follow this hand-scribbled chart
To your lakehouse, miles away,
I rip my hairs out in anxious rage.

I don't know what you want,
so tell me I don't know.

Get there, lie down near the sand,
And think through this thought that I've just had.
In green fields like these: soft, pristine:
Do the three-leaf clovers still tend to dream?

I don't know where all this hubbub began,
'Cus I've been doing better now than I was then.
With all this balm on my lips,
It's easier to take some smaller sips.
And could you water my plants?
'Cus I'll be living in mirages on the sand,
But on my way to the scene,
I found I had to refill my canteen.

Go away, I got nothing to say, 'cus I've been living just to live
and I've been coming up short.
I'm not OK, and I've got more than half-way to go,
With nothing to expect and nothing to report.
Track Name: Unidentified
Nose-dive, swooping towards the big old fig tree,
All dried up in little raisins,
Click, grind, talons on the bedrock,
Time to go line up and try again.

This blackbird spinning through a figure-eight
'Till it wears out and touches down,
The call heard ringing through the canyon started here
Turns out.
I'm stricken by the sound.

I have gotta get going,
The temperature is dropping, and the yellows are showing,
But leave the tree, to scavenge in the weeds,
One stumbled by the stream,
And we marked him unidentified:
Watched his feathers fly.

Stiff with mud out in the haunting autumn
All dried on out in the sun,
This crackling skin is blending in and thickening,
All piled on around itself.

A burst of strength and I'm a mile down river,
All splayed out along the shore,
Some 45 degrees and wet the neck down, beat and torn up,
Worn out.
But mammals heat themselves.
Track Name: More Than This Silly Rainstorm
I watched all the rain fly sideways past the camera.
I hoped you were safe and warm inside.
Though I knew it'd take more
Than this silly rainstorm
To push you around, my chest got tight.

Rifling through my head for something to refresh me.
Nothing I recall quite feels the same.
In love, but the distance
Offers some resistance,
But I won't go away if you don't babe.

Rooted to the spot,
Entirely twisted in a knot.
The light you shine,
You just might find,
Can reach to my respite.

And maybe there's a chance,
The roots could wind along your path,
And not trip you,
And not stiff you,
But stay where you'll notice them.

I think I know they do,
And scrapes don't seem to bother you,
And I won't mind,
If down the line,
Your toes catch on me sometimes.
Track Name: Some Inexplicable Whirring
You gave your word this house was cold,
Disconnected, growing old.

Wood and plaster to deflect it,
Still I find I can detect it.

Some inexplicable whirring,
The contour of the room blurring.

A hundred ways to drown it out,
Heavy-headed: swollen with sound.