by Cree Sullivan

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This album is pretty tricky to summarize. Featuring a mix of folk, groove, pop, sludge, and blues, Clouds is an eclectic and experimental commentary on the enormity of nature.


released September 28, 2013



all rights reserved


Cree Sullivan Urbana, Illinois

Alt rock with a lemon zest. Get into it.

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Track Name: Cumulus
Won't you wake up and part the clouded haze around your eyes?
The fog kaleidoscopic will strike you dumb and blind.
Can't you focus on all the shocking variety of life,
Taking form in the Cumulus-splattered patterns in the sky?

Where you off to staring at your feet?
And shuffling down the city street?
Tardier than usual, you tire yourself out,
And set down for a bite to eat.

But they got there while you were still deciding what to wear,
And smoothing down your tie on the stairs.

Rooted deep the style of his speech,
The poet's poignancy depletes,
A barricade indomitable he bows himself out,
And shuts his eyes to try to sleep.

But miles above, daring vapors organize and bulge.
To morph and fade away,
In cycles everyday,
They'll twist into a snarling face that locks in your head.
Just to relapse into giraffes again.
Track Name: Hangman
You came to me in honesty,
And I bent my knee,
Watching tireless-still as you shed your leaves.

The words you said they soaked my mind,
But it's hard to find,
Trickier prose to amplify.

You let your ink fly true, and you strummed with such conviction,
You left me torn in shreds on the floor.
Wanting more.

When I heard your name,
Getting set aflame,
On the lips of a stranger curled with disdain.

I found it hard not to turn and glare,
At the foul doctrinaire,
But a crowded condemnation kept me stifling my stare.

Must be so hard to watch which words, you decide to leave on paper,
With the gallows casting shadows on your pen.
You stop, start again.

But hang on hangman,
Let your voice span.
The noose tie flies wild,
When your tongue gets twisted.

A thousand throats can hold a tune,
Given time and room,
And an audience composed of a friendly few.

And a million more can write a score,
Using fifths and fourths,
Filling pages with pleasantly sonorous chords.

Out of these a small percent are adored by the masses,
So safe to force restraint and play the odds.

I heard it tonight from a respected source,
That your overshoot was vulgar and unnerving.
But me and my friends think it's the best one yet,
So don't you lose hope.
We're sawing at the rope.
Track Name: The Great Machine
Track Name: Forty Veils
Yeah I know how I feel,
Yeah I know how I feel,
And I feel so wrong in a crowd,
Speaking far too loud.

Yeah I know how I look
Yeah I know how I look,
And I must look so frightful a mess,
Sleepless and depressed.

'Cus everywhere I turn vampires so sallow and thin:
The speedy little rodent's heart beats right through it's skin.
Perching on your ruby saddle swept in the wind,
Forty veils against your chin.

Yeah I know what I think,
Yeah I know what I think,
And I think I might have misread,
All what fills your head.

Yeah I know all your tricks,
Yeah I know all your tricks,
Because you've tricked me once or twice before,
And left me wasted on the floor.

'Cus everywhere I turn vampires so sallow and thin:
The speedy little rodent's heart beats right through it's skin.
Perching on your ruby saddle swept in the wind,
Forty veils chafing your chin,
You drink the applause,
Deep as the ocean,
And wise behind the gauze.

You can't walk on water you can't help the sick and dying,
Falling on their knees all around you.
You can't change the fluid I got into wine in my hands.
Failed to fake the face of a smooth young seducer smirking,
Took it in another direction,
But you can't fix your father, you can't mend your mother I'm afraid.
You can't.
Track Name: Cumulonimbus
Overstated, flashing all your teeth,
Repeat after me what a desperate need,
To stop being the costume that you've been,
And relax the fat you're sucking in,
Peel the duct tape from your skin.

Still you choose to argue with the wasps,
A throat stuck with stingers makes it hard to talk,
Alluring and collected through your bleeding voice,
It's speckled on your lips what fun this is.

I hear you love it when the thunderheads rattle through the night,
And I identified you by a silhouette in a flash of daylight.
You lose your face in the arms of a centipede, I'm waiting for the storm
To char you to the floor in front of me.

Torrential, see the countryside recoil,
This pustule we've pierced soon to bloat the soil.
With rain caught in your lashes, you're a dripping wreck,
Now your misty words descend and drench your neck.
Track Name: Chemical Rush
Baby, I swear the chemical rush from the stars in your stare,
Lately ensnares me, you peel back my eyelids and you burn up the air.

Lethargic and bored once again,
Sucked right down into my seat.
Takes half of the day just to scrape,
The ten tons of mud from my feet.
Should hear the desires I expound,
To get out this god-damned ghost town.
But I shut up when you come around.

Paying back the loan on your love,
Takes all of the sweat I produce.
A doorman, and a jewel round your neck,
A blanket and a rack for your shoes.
A tattered man exhausted but trying,
To ask why you're sitting there sighing.
But your tongue's only for kissing and lying.

You took me by surprise,
With the horse hide,
For your insides.

Close ain't enough, you're fusing up my spine in a slump.
Close ain't enough, you're crawling down my arms making bumps.
Close ain't enough, you're making me feel dumb as a stump.
Close ain't enough, my roots are digging deep in the dump.

And here he rests, limp and blue in the top-sold vest.
Hands off the wheel, and the dead tend to look their best.
Oh no, your corpse isn't yours to dress.
Oh no, and she's folding my hands on my chest.

I remember when everyone played in the park,
And love was just locking your eyes.
And just a little bit later when love,
Was a phone call that I'd take outside.
But all of that has spiraled down the drain,
I'm faking it, but darling I pray,
That I'll know which woman to ask for someday.
Track Name: A Compass
A vast expanse of human nothing,
Hangs like moisture in the air.
It beads on skin in little droplets.
And soothes the heat that burns you bare.

I heard a choir perform with an orchestra,
The horns and voices woven to rope.
All laughing in time,
And snapping their spines,
With tongues intertwined,
The sound was divine.

Intoxicating, sweet, and fragrant,
The nostrum fizzes down your throat,
It sets the midnight starer sleeping,
And wakes him silent and slow.

I found a compass dropped by the ocean tide,
With faded initials etched on the back,
It was covered in grime,
So the bronze wouldn't shine,
Had been rotted by time,
But it stuck in my mind.
Track Name: Amnesia (Don't Forget About Me)
Three in the morning, nostalgic unrest,
Warmed by a ghost with her weight on my chest,
Fond recollection's a colorful lure,
But frozen in fossils the carbon assures us,

The earth formed in Hell with a fire for the soil,
Thin poisonous air and the oceans all boiling.
A field for demons.

Now not quite so hectic,
The wolves have grown domestic,
And our trains are going electric.

Memory drifts in such aimless pursuits,
Tectonic plates grind the years to their roots,
Buildings get shaken to roofing and brick,
But safe at the poles is the day you were sick,

And had fallen in a heap on the hospital floor,
Smiling so wide that your mouth must be sore,
The sweetest amnesia.

For bolting in a hurry,
Our God owes alimony,
To fund a sturdier gurney.

I want you to promise me:
You won't forget about me.
Track Name: Doing Fine Alive
Today I sat around again,
Wasting all my light,
I picked away my callouses and slept away the night.

The longest day that I've been through,
For many months at least,
A skull filled up with stasis boredom begging to be released.

No matter what we try to prove,
Dirt remains the same,
A million ships have crossed the sea, but water will stay unchanged.

So what are we supposed to do,
When skin and bones decay,
When dust returns to dust and all our thoughts evaporate?

But cower terrified, pale and paralyzed?

I wallowed in a shining pool,
The window's leaking gold,
But even then my heartbeat drones a rhythm soft and low.

Today I sat around again,
Reflecting all the light,
And stretching out my wings before preparing to take flight.

How dare you juxtapose your postulates so freely?
I fear my friend your context isn't right.
And though your nervous laughter may vibrate the immobile,
You can't relate you can't relate at all.
Not at all.

So cower terrified, pale and paralyzed.
Or stop and realize, your doing fine alive.
Track Name: Stratus
The treetops it seems are rooted in ooze.
The birds fighting hard to get through.
A wide dark mire, that wears them tired.

Hanging in rolls and dragged by the breeze.
And smothering the bugs underneath.
A thick blank sheet, a long fat beast.

When gray guards the sunlight,
And creeps like amoeba,
The skyline gets blurred and devoured.

Its tendrils relax and uncurl,
In a race with itself,
To surround all the world.

Drift and diffuse the heat on your flank.
Could you hear all the praises we sang?
Our echoes near, the stratosphere.

If space rocks and plasma,
Converge on the Earth,
With a zealous and crazed thirst for blood.

I'd sit out convinced,
The familial embrace,
Of the clouds would absorb the blow.